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In het nieuwe seizoen 2021-2022 zijn wij wederom als partner van de tennisbond gecertificeerd. De geselecteerde tennisscholen hebben een prominente rol in het opleiden van talentvolle jeugdspelers en maken deel uit van het talent programma van de K.N.L.T.B.

Unfortunately, we have to announce the following message as a result of the new measures (concerning COVID). We regret that as a certified tennis school we are not regarded as top sport and have now looked at the most practical and feasible solution how we can catch up with the training sessions that we cannot provide due to the new measures.

We have opted for the following solution; 

  • All training sessions until 5 pm can continue as planned.
  • All training sessions after 5 pm will be canceled for the next 3 weeks (until Sunday 19 December).
  • The group training sessions that start at 4 pm (Monday BTV and Wednesday BTV) are cancelled. However, the hour from 4 – 5 pm can be played freely here. We are present for balls…etc.
  • All group and fitness training sessions that we give in the afternoon will be made up during the Christmas holidays. We are making a schedule in which we will make up for the missed training sessions of the next 3 weeks during the 2 weeks of Christmas vacation. These training sessions will be given from the morning at Tennis Park Buitenveldert. You will receive the exact schedule next week.
  • If you are not present during the Christmas holidays (holiday), please let us know.

For the next 3 weeks;

  • If there is room in your school schedule to take your (private) lesson that is scheduled after 5 p.m. earlier in the day, we would like to hear from you. In that case, we must check whether a job is available and your trainer is not scheduled for another training.
  • Also think of private lessons before school!

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De lesdata voor seizoen 2021 / 2022  zijn bekend. 

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Hugo Ekker

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